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Photos by WisPolitics.com

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Overflow crowd is allowed to fill balconies along the wall.:
.First Lady Michelle Obama smiles as she speaks to supporters in Racine, Wis. on Oct. 19, 2012.:
Supporters on the stage clap as Michelle Obama speaks.:
Michelle Obama gestures to make a point.:
Michelle Obama beckons for the crowd “to come closer” so she can tell them a secret: how much she loves her husband.:
First lady Michelle Obama makes a campaign speech on behalf of her husband.:
Michelle Obama urges people to vote early in Wisconsin.:
Racine resident and former schoolteacher Linda Boyle introduces the first lady Michelle Obama.:
A crowd quickly fills the Civic Centre floor.:
The crowd begins to fill the Racine Civic Centre.:
Claude Luster, field organizer for a Racine political group, addresses the crowd before Michelle Obama speaks.:
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